Egypt COP27

This podcast was recorded at the COP27 climate conference in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt on November 16 2022. 


COP stands for something boring, Conference of the Parties, which means that countries and other organizations are the parties. Sometimes I look at what our countries are doing and it is like we are having a big fossil fuel party! It is literally powering parties like Burning Man with flames of fuel! Anyway, this is the 27th year of COP, so it is called COP 27 and the more famous one was in Paris, when they made the Paris Accord or Paris Agreement, back when we had a very famous and likable Kenyan President at COP 21. This is where the US, China and all of the other big CO2 emitters made an agreement to do things to limit temperature rises to 1.5C over preindustrial levels. Being an American, I do not like the 1.5C number, since we use F for Fahrenheit and a change of 1C is the same as a change of 1.8F, so 1.5C x 1.8 = 2.7F. Anyone that uses F for the temperature of their house or the beach should not use C only when they are talking about climate temperatures, unless they are trying to downplay the emergency. Not since the rock that took out the dinosaurs (except for the birds, which are dinosaurs) has the climate changed so fast. Humans are extremely smart and can tell the temperature of the earth throughout the ages and the CO2 in the atmosphere. There have always been slow gradual changes, but nothing like this without an asteroid. We humans are so smart, that we can also fix this emergency very fast.


The big topic in the news this year is about having the rich countries that have contributed the most to CO2 in the atmosphere to help pay for the other countries that are too poor to do much about it. They have high interest rates, to the point where it is like financing things on a high interest credit card, which is financially impossible to make and investment world form.


The problem I see is that in the biggest polluting country of them all, my country, the USA, we have something called politics and there are enough people against paying for our original sin (we are in a biblical place here), that it is not going to happen on a big scale, no matter how bad the US President wants it.


So what is going to make this happen?


Here is my solution…

I see that humans and other organisms can grow like a virus (go viral). You see doubling rates and as many of you may know, of you double a dollar for a month, you have over a billion dollars. In fact if the month has 31 days, you get 2x more than a 30 day month.


Now we can translate this to a disruptive technology, such as solar, wind and storage. We are getting doubling rates and the trick here is to speed up the doubling rate. Not to accept a 4 year doubling rate, to go for a 1 year doubling rate. Some pessimists will have plenty of reasons why this cannot happen, and the answer is that the reason that this cannot happen is if we listen to pessimists.


We have to scale like we are putting the effort of a world war into it and the big thing here is instead of having a war and having a lot of people die, we have seen that wars can be good for the economy, so we can have a huge economic boom, without the war deaths.


It is inevitable that we will scale up solar, wind and storage, the question is how slow (or fast) are we going to go? If we go fast, there are many benefits, plus we are going to do it anyway, so let’s get it done.


Solar and Wind are already the cheapest forms of energy in the world. Energy storage is getting less expensive and in a few years, it will economically stupid to buy a new car that is not an EV and these EVs can easily be plugged in and wired for grid support, which will happen. The question is, are we going to sit around and whine, or are we humans going go get it done!


We are humans. We are the smartest thing in the universe. We can easily figure this out. If we put in an effort, we can pick a temperature and dial it in. We can put CO2 from the atmosphere back underground where it came from and set a thermostat. We are humans. We can do anything we set our minds too. It will happen, the question is when. Waiting is stupid. Getting it done now is smart and makes big money.


If the poor countries want a strategy, they can align themselves with the counties that help them set up solar, wind and storage. If the US wants to set up a base on some island, then it needs to come with solar, wind and storage. Perhaps if the island nation has a low credit rating, the US (or other country) can bring their credit rating to the base.


There are other low CO2 solutions, but we see right now that solar and wind are the least expensive, so it is a scaling solution. We need factories, good labor, robots making robots that make PV, wind and solar. 


If we distract ourselves with excuses, neat ideas that do not come to fruition and blame for what someone did 50 years ago, then we will keep walking in circles. The solution is here. The solution will bring us out of any recession. The solution will create jobs, the solution will help children breathe clean air. The solution is scaling up big time solar, wind and storage. No excuses. All positive. Let’s get going.


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