Deep dive on Energy Storage and Renewables: Sean White Interview on Cory Vanderpool’s “Solar Broadcast” podcast.

Sean White ( is interviewed on his former student Cory Vanderpool's podcast
The talk about various subjects including:
Solar and wind are finally cheapest forms of electricity
EVs bringing down the cost of lithium-ion Energy Storage Systems (ESS)
Battery benefits including being a load, besides being a source of power 
Wind power’s cubed relationship to wind speed
Frequency regulation is the biggest use for energy storage right now
Negative energy pricing in Germany
Ramp rates of energy storage beating all other forms of energy by a long shot, especially underground mined resources (fossil fuels and nuclear)
EV to grid future
LG Batteries in cars vs. home ESS price being the same
Lithium-ion graphite anodes, silicon anodes, lithium metal anode, specific energy (energy per weight), dendrites, energy density (energy per volume)
Sean’s $0.20 to $0.40 per kWh battery price prediction in 10-years
Soldering home-made lithium-ion battery packs
Battery cells, battery modules, battery packs definition
Buying houses with pre-existing solar, real estate with solar, and knowing how to value them, solar valuation, solar asset value, solar offset value (offsetting electricity)
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